Open Letter from Critical Stack

We have joined the Capital One Family! Critical Stack was founded in 2014 with the shared vision that the best problems to solve are the hard problems that matter. As founders, we quickly converged on a mission to disrupt the security landscape by containerizing and scaling security infrastructure. As it turns out, this mission has resonated with you, our customers. continue reading

Free Threat Intel Marketplace

Sharing threat intelligence is the hottest topic in security. We found almost 60 free indicator feeds, but no easy way to collect, de-duplicate, transmit, and apply them to our networks. We wanted it, so we built it. We found that others wanted it, so we provide the delivery mechanism, and feeds, for free. Stay tuned for news on private feeds, paid feeds, and new ways to apply threat intelligence to the network.

Critical Stack, Inc Leadership

Our team lives at the intersection of the network, development, and security worlds. We are industry veterans who have helped instrument and defend dozens of global firms, as employees, consultants, developers, and teachers. Liam Randall is our CEO, recognized for his expertise in the Bro network programming language and non-stop consulting and training engagements. Dustin Webber is our CTO, known for his open source and commercial coding prowess and leadership. Richard Bejtlich advises the company, leveraging his network security monitoring history and defensive strategies.

Liam Randall
Chief Executive Officer
Dustin Webber
Chief Technology Officer
Richard Bejtlich

We're hiring!

We are currently looking for talented, passionate people to join the Stack. Specifically, we are hiring for: Software Engineers (Backend), Software Engineers (Web Development), DevOps / Infrastructure Engineers.

We are a fast-paced, startup that believes in empowering its employees to make technical decisions. We use a modern stack that is built with, the Go programming language, and javascript for the front-end -- experience with these technologies would be ideal, but not required if you have strong engineering foundations and learn fast. If this sounds interesting to you, please email us at and include your resume.